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A church Wedding - What does it involve?

Contacting Your local vicar
Booking the Date
Paying for your Wedding
Calling the Banns
Planning the Service
Being on time

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Contacting you local Vicar
Wherever you live you may be entitled to be married at St. Mary's Church. You will find telephone numbers at the end of this document to contact us.

You will be able to meet with the Vicar to discuss your wedding service - the music, the hymns and the prayers.

Booking the date
St Mary's is open on Saturday from 11:00 - 12:00pm. You should go there only after your initial interview with your Vicar, taking with you your completed booking form. There you will find someone to welcome you, to book a date and time for your wedding and to receive payment of the fees. If you change your address having booked your wedding, it is very important that you inform your Vicar.

Paying for your Wedding
A deposit of £100 is taken when you book your wedding. It is possible if you wish, to continue to pay by installments. We ask that you ensure that you have paid in full not later than four weeks before your wedding. You can come to the Vestry any Tuesday evening to make your payments. There is a separate leaflet with details of the current fees. Cheques should be made payable to "Hemel Hempstead Parish Fees Account".

Calling the Banns
If one of you lives outside our parish, it is your responsibility to see your local Vicar and arrange to have your Banns of Marriage called in the church where you live. You should do this about four months before the wedding. Your local Vicar will then issue a Banns Certificate which is valid for three months. You should pass the certificate to the Vicar who is conducting your wedding. If we do not have that certificate, we are forbidden by law to marry you.
If either or both of you live in the Hemel Hempstead Team Parish, we will let you know when and where your banns will be called, so that you may be present to hear them read.

Planning the Service
The Music
You will need to give careful thought to the music and hymns for your wedding. You will have plenty of opportunity to discuss these arrangements with your vicar and to take advice from your professional musican and Director of Music. You may listen to a seletion of music on this website to help you in your choice.
Listen to a selection of suitable Hymns
A selection of Anthems for Weddings
Listen to some organ Music to go in and out to

St Mary's has a traditional robed choir whom you may ask to sing at your wedding.

We have a full peal of 8 bells and a team of experienced bellringers who are more than willing to ring for your wedding.

St. Mary's Church provides the flowers at weddings. We have a well established team of flower arrangers happy to ensure that you have appropriate flowers in church for your wedding. We hope that you will allow others to share in your flowers over the weekend. Special conditions apply during Lent (the six weeks before Easter). Our team are pleased to discuss this with you.

Photographs in church
Only your official photographer is allowed to take photographs during the service in church. The Vicar will explain the arrangements for this when you meet.

Confetti is welcome, but we do ask that you throw this away from the doors.

Being on time
Your vicar will be happy to advise you in order that your wedding may begin at the arranged time. This is important both for you and your guests and also for the Vicar, bellringers and choir who are also taking part.

We look forward to welcomimg you to a rehearsal in St. Mary's Church on an evening shortly before the wedding to familiarize yourselves with the building and to run through the service. This rehearsal will be arranged with the Vicar conducting your wedding.

Some Useful Telephone Numbers

Team Office 01442 253977

The Parish of St Mary and St Paul
The Rector of St. Mary's Rev'd Canon John Williams
The Rectory
High Street
Hemel Hempstead
Tel:01442 265272

The Parish of Warners End and Gadebridge
Vicar of St. Alban's, Warners End
The Reverend Pete Stevenson
[t] 01442 251897

The Parish of Adeyfield
The Vicar of St. Barnabas, Adeyfield
The Reverend Richard Graham
[t] 01442 253681   

The Parish of Grovehill and Woodhall Farm
The Church of the Resurrection, Grovehill
Reverend Austin Janes
[t]   01442 270585

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