St Marys Church Choir

Director of Music: Vacant

Organist: Vacant

St Mary's Church Choir is currently made up of about 4-7 adults from that of a strong choir of about 30 a couple of years ago. Occasionally, certain ex-members of the choir and friends augment our numbers. We try to field as many choir members as we can for weddings including borrowing members from other choirs to supplement our numbers. With the lack of a Director of Music and an Organist this is difficult at the moment and this has sadly reflected on the number of choir members and the lack of recruitment of new members from local schools etc..

We have a wide repertoire, and try to learn a few new Anthems every week. We are a full robed choir which in part adds to the fun of belonging. The trebles (and the adults too if they wish) can take part in the RSCM training programme. The Music at St Mary's is very varied and has included works such as Handel’s Messiah - with the help from a few friends we managed a choir of 75 and a small orchestra. For several years we replaced a cathedral choir that was on holiday, but with a lack of a Director of Music and dwindling numbers we have not been able to do this in the last few years. Since 1991 we have done 95 services in other Churches and Cathedrals.

We rehearse once a week on a Friday evening for juniors from 7:00pm until 8:00pm and for older children and adults from 7:00pm until 9:15pm, and we also practice 30 minutes before the services. We take choristers from the age of about 8 years onwards. Adults are also welcome. We always need all parts.

On most Friday evenings except in the summer holidays we undertake choir training. Listen to the choir

The Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary and St Paul, Hemel Hempstead, Reg. Charity 1130644