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We have a high-quality choir. The full choir leads the music at all the main services in the church. The trebles only sing for weddings and a few other events like travelling to sing in Christ Church Oxford.. We all enjoy singing church music both old and new.

At present in the full choir we have 2 Basses, 2-3 Tenors, 5 Altos, 3 Sopranos and upto 10 Trebles. Simon our conductor is also a Tenor, and guides us through many challenging pieces of music. We actively encourage anyone interested from our local schools, together with new adult singers who may, or may not, already be members of the church congregation.

Each week we learn at least one new anthem and prepare to sing in concerts, we prepare for all the church services, weddings and also we prepare as a visiting choir to various places. The choir aims to visit a Cathederal every year and to lead one of its services.

Last year the main choir sang at St Albans Abbey for a weekend and the trebles travelled to Christchurch Oxford. We hope to do the same again this year

We look after our choristers well, who receive excellent musical training at no financial cost to themselves. We follow the Royal School of Church Music Scheme

Children may join from age 8 upwards. After a few weeks of being in the choir the new members receive their surplice in a short ceremony during the Sunday morning service to become a full member of the choir. Each chorister is expected to take on certain duties in the church, like doing the music boards or getting music ready.

All the choristers are expected to attend regualarly to both the practice sessions and the services.