St Albans Trip Christchurch Oxford


Look at the Music and Order of Service we used

Evensong Sat 21st at 4.00 (rehearsal 2.30)

Smith Responses
Psalm 129, 130, 131
Harwood in A flat Magnificat Nunc Dimitis as played by Simon
Gibbons: Almighty and Everlasting God as played by Simon

Choral Eucharist Sun 22nd at 11.00 (rehearsal 10.30)

Psalm 71 vv 1 - 6 (continuous) OR
Psalm 103 vv 1 - 8 (related)
Elgar: The Spirit of the Lord
Mass setting Ireland in C, Kyrie Gloria Sanctus Benedictus Angus Dei as played by Simon
but Creed to Merbecke (not our choice)

Evensong Sun 22nd at 6.30 (rehearsal 4.30)

Clucas Responses
Psalm 119 vv 49 - 56
Brewer in D Magnificat Nunc Dimitis as played by Simon - View music Magnificat Nunc Dimitis
Bullock: Give us the wings of faith

Trebles/Sopranos at Christ Church Oxford will be singing

Bairstow in E flat
Plainsong responses
Hurford: Litany to the Holy Spirit