The New Church Anthem Book


1 Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace) Rutter, John Sib Midi S A T B
2 A Palm Sunday Antiphon (Hosanna) Morgan, David C  
3 Above all praise Mendelssohn, Felix  
4 Adoramus te, Christe Palestrina, G P da  
5 Almighty and everlasting God Gibbons, Orlando  
6 Almighty God, which hast me brought Ford, Thomas  
7 Let all the world (Antiphon) Moore, Philip  
8 Ave verum corpus Byrd, William  
9 Ave verum corpus Elgar, Edward  
10 Ave verum corpus Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus  
11 Awake, thou wintry earth Bach, Johann Sebastian  
12 Behold, the tabernacle of God Harris, William H  
13 Blest are the pure in heart Davies, H Walford  
14 Blessed be the God and Father Wesley, Samuel Sebastian  
15 Blessed is He that considereth Wise, Michael  
16 Call to remembrance, O Lord Farrant, Richard  
17 Cantate Domino (Psalm 148) Pitoni, Giuseppe Ottavio  
18 Come down, O Love divine Harris, William H  
19 Come, Holy Ghost Attwood, Thomas  
20 Come, ye faithful Thatcher, R S  
21 Comfort, O Lord, the soul of thy servant Crotch, William  
22 Crux fidelis John IV of Portugal  
23 Drop, drop slow tears Gibbons, Orlando  
24 Te lucis ante terminum (Evening Hymn) Gardiner, H Balfour  
25 Glorious and powerful God (op 135 no 3) Stanford, Charles Villiers  
26 God be in my head Davies, H Walford  
27 God be in my head Rutter, John  
28 God is a spirit Bennet, William Sterndale  
29 God so loved the world Goss, John  
30 Haec dies Arcadelt, Jacques  
31 Hide not thou thy face Farrant, Richard  
32 Holy, holy, holy (Hymn to the Trinity) Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich  
33 Holy is the true light Harris, William H  
34 If we believe that Jesus died Goss, John  
35 If ye love me Tallis, Thomas Sibelius
36 Jesu dulcis memoria Victoria, Tomas Luis de  
37 Jesu, joy of man's desiring Bach, Johann Sebastian  
38 Jesu, lead my footsteps ever Bach, Johann Sebastian  
39 Jesu, the very thought of thee Bairstow, Edward C  
40 King of glory, king of peace Bach, Johann Sebastian  
41 Lead me, Lord Wesley, Samuel Sebastian  
42 Let thy merciful ears, O Lord Mudd, Thomas  
43 Let us now praise famous men Williams, R Vaughan  
44 Lo, round the throne a glorius band Herman, N,  
45 Locus iste Bruckner, Anton  
46 Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake Farrant, Richard  
47 Lord, I trust thee Handel, George Frederick  
48 Softly a light is stealing (Mary's Magnificat) Carter, Andrew  
49 My eyes for beauty pine Howells, Herbert  
50 My shepherd is Lord Oxley, Harrison  
51 My soul, there is a country Parry, Charles Hubert Hastings  
52 Never weather-beaten sail Wood, Charles  
53 Nolo mortem peccatoris Morley, Thomas  
54 O come, let us sing unto the Lord (Venite) Piccolo, Anthony  
55 O gladsome light, O grace Bourgeois, Louis  
56 O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace Tye, Christopher  
57 O how amiable Williams, R Vaughan  
58 O Lord, increase our faith Loosemoore, Henry  
59 O Lord my God Wesley, Samuel Sebastian  
60 O Lord, my God, to thee Arcadelt, Jacques  
61 O Lord, open thou our lips Carter, Andrew  
62 O Lord, the maker of all things Mundy, William  
63 O Lorde, the maker of al thing Joubert, John  
64 O quam gloriosum Victoria, Tomas Luis de  
65 O Saviour of the world Goss, John  
66 O Saviour of the world Somervell, Arthur  
67 O that I knew where I might find him! Bennet, William Sterndale  
68 O thou, the central orb Wood, Charles Sibelius
69 Oculi omnium Wood, Charles  
70 Panis angelicus Saint-Saens, Camille  
71 Praise, O praise How, Martin  
72 Praise to thee, Lord Jesus Schutz, Heinrich  
73 Pray that Jerusalem Stanford, Charles Villiers  
74 Rejoice in the Lord alway Purcell, Henry  
75 Round me falls the night Drese, Adam  
76 Sacerdotes Domini Byrd, William  
77 Salvator mundi Palestrina, G P da  
78 Salve Regina Mathias, William  
79 Solus ad victimam Leighton, Kenneth  
80 So they gave their bodies Aston, Peter  
81 Subdue us by Thy goodness Bach, Johann Sebastian  
82 Super flumina Babylonis Lassus, Orlando di  
83 Surgens Jesus Philips, Peter  
84 The day draws on with golden light Bairstow, Edward C  
85 The secret of Christ Shephard, Richard  
86 The souls of the righteous Marchant, Stanley  
87 The strife is o'er Ley, Henry G  
88 This is the record of John Gibbons, Orlando  
89 Thou judge of quick and dead Wesley, Samuel Sebastian  
90 Thou knowest, Lord Purcell, Henry  
91 Thou visitest the earth Greene, Maurice  
92 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace Wesley, Samuel Sebastian  
93 Though I speak with the tongues of men Bairstow, Edward C  
94 Turn back O Man Holst,  
95 Turn thy face from my sins Attwood, Thomas  
96 Wash me throughly Wesley, Samuel Sebastian  
97 When Jesus, our Lord Mendelssohn, Felix  
98 When to the temple Mary went Eccard, Johann  
99 Where Thou reignest Schubert, Franz  
100 Zadok the Priest Handel, George Frederick  

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