Intercessions @ St Marys Church

This week we pray

Our Diocese:
Ampthill and Shefford Husborne Crawley. Thanksgiving: For the members of the church and the community they serve.

Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
Psalm: 34: 4-10 Gal. 6: 11-18

PRAY for The Church of Bangladesh The Most Revd Paul Shishir Sarker Moderator, Church of Bangladesh & Bishop of Dhaka

In our Deanery:.

Churches Together In Hemel Hempstead Prayer Calendar
Sunrise Church - Queens Square Adeyfield

Our community:

Those who receive Communion at home
Jean Bailey-Cox, Mavis, Mary Howells, Jeane Pitkin, Frank Pitkin, Rosemary Shaw, Vera Willmore, residents of St Mary’s House, The Lodge, Alexandra Care Home and St Paul’s Care Home and for the Eucharistic ministers who go to them.

Those who have asked for our prayers
Karen Coker, Peter Elphick, and all those known to us.

Those with long term illness and all who care for them:
Sister Antoinette, Debbie Barnes, Rachel Halsey, Clive Hunt, Brian Laidlaw, Nancy Parry, Frank Pitkin, Jeane Pitkin, Olivia Rose, David Shaw, Vera Willmore.

All who have died:
John Cooley, Bill Painter, Valerie Paul

List of those in need of prayer: Gradually our list grows longer and longer….

The first section is for people who are in need of urgent prayer – many are now being treated for cancer or are in hospital, or having surgery. If you have asked for prayer for yourself or someone else who is included in this first category, please could you let Canon John or Jeff Wallis know you would like the name to remain. People do get better or improve and can come off.

The second category is for those who illness is stable and long term – dementia, the fragility of old age or other long term conditions.. That’s fine and we are more than happy to pray for them too but it is helpful to have a list for we focus more urgent prayer.

Please do let us know if a name can be removed…. It can always go back if things change!


The Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary and St Paul, Hemel Hempstead, Reg. Charity 1130644