The Monk

1250 AD

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1150 Starting to build The story of the stone mason

1250 A typical day of a Monk This page

1350 The construction of the Spire by a steeplejack

1450 Market Day at St Mary's

1550 The Dissolution of the Monasteries

1650 The way of life with the Puritans

1750 The Industrial Revolution

1850 Rebuilding the church Investigation into the Paston-Cooper Burials in the House of Commons

1950 New Town – new churches appearing, but I want to go to St Mary’s

2004 Organ Restoration

The Monks Story  

My day is a long one ruled by these 8 services.

2.00 am Matins
5.00 am Lauds.
7.00 am Prime
9.00 am Terce
12.00 Sext
3.00 pm None
5.00 pm Vespers
8.00 pm Compline

These services include prayers, chanting psalms, Bible reading and singing. This is called the 'opus Dei' - the 'Work of God'.

Psalm 119 v62 and v164


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