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Many of the Anthems we sing currently come from The New Church Anthem Book and most weeks we sing 2 or 3 of the Anthems. This means that some of the choir are on a steep learning curve, but for most of the choir this means that we have a large repertoire.

Others Anthem books we use are Anthems for choirs 1 and Anthems for choirs 4. These 3 books form the bulk of our anthems we sing on a Sunday. More of anthems are on the sheet music which goes back many decades. Although this sheet music is not dated, it is often priced at for example 3d. For music perhaps gives an indication of its age. We occasionally use other books like the European Sacred Music for special occasions. At Christmas time, Carols for Choirs appears adding to our repertoire.

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Sheet Music

We have Hundreds of Anthems on sheet music which are currently being cataloged to enable us to increase our range of music.

Hymn Books

Hymns Old and New New Anglican Edition



Sunday Psalms

These are some of my personal favourites especially the rendition of the 23rd Psalm. Typically we sing one of these during the Sunday Morning service. Most of these modern psalms are easier than the Parish Psalter.


The Parish Psalter

The old traditional book that is certainly getting on a bit in years. We use this mostly for Sung and Choral Evensong

Musical Events


Handels Messiah. This is not only used in concerts but also during some of the sevices especially at Easter and Advent.



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