Notices @ St Marys Church

Parish Bible Study Group There will be no meeting in August. The next Bible Study group meeting is 3.00pm Wednesday 5th September at St Paul’s..

Annual Sponsored - ‘Bike & Hike’
This will be on Saturday 8th September and is organised by the Beds and Herts Historic Churches Trust. This is a non-denominational body formed to raise funds and make grants for the repair of churches and chapels of any age which are open for public Christian worship. Last year the initiative in our two counties raised £86,000 from 22 centres and £2.1 million has been raised since the start in 1992. We can participate by biking and hiking and being sponsored, by going by car to churches which are open to make a donation, by receiving visitors at opened churches especially the cyclists and hikers for their 'pitstops'. Also of course we all can participate in a key way, by sponsoring somebody who is cycling or walking. In 2017 Hemel Hempstead raised £3,019; to give you a feel for the range, the highest was Buntingford with £9,856 and the lowest was Watford with £538. Of other local interest, Berkhamsted raised £675 and St Albans £1,977 and some towns did not participate at all. St Mary's and St Paul's will be participating in this event again this year - sign up sheets for bikers and hikers and also for stewards will be available shortly.

The Acorns' theme this week is kindness. They will be making fruit kebabs and selling them after the service to raise funds for The Children’s Society.

The Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary and St Paul, Hemel Hempstead, Reg. Charity 1130644