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Sunday, March 12, 2006 6:59 PM

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Remove the Makin Organ components from within the organ loft

Paul climbing up into the organ loft

The Makin organ speakers and amplification system are housed in the organ loft and need to be removed before any repair is undertaken on the Walker organ. This is to allow easy access to the Walker organ.

One of the 4 speakers for the great console

The access to the organ loft is very restricted. The Makin organ has four of these very large speakers. The pedals and the great use these speakers. The swell speakers are probably the same size, but they are difficult to see and even more difficult to reach.

The very heavy subwoofer

The subwoofer which is about 5ft long and 2ft square. It is too heavy for one person to lift. There is also a large amplifier which a huge amount of wiring to be removed. This speaker seems to do the very low notes like the 32ft on the pedalboard

Holes in the floor make the work more difficult.

Working in the dark organ loft the amount of wiring on the Makin organ is a lot to contend with.

The amplifier with all its wiring. This will have to be moved by Makin organs, and everything wired up again properly so that the Makin organ can continued to be used.

The four great speaks have been taken down and are rewired. It is a bit frightening sitting too close to these as the power can be felt as you walk by. The speakers, now they have been rewired are turned to face the wall to reflect the sound.
The next stage is to remove the swell speakers (which will require some scaffolding) and the sub woofer which will require several strong men over the Christmas period.  

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