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Restoration Stage Three January 9, 2005

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Sunday, March 12, 2006 6:58 PM

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Remove the Makin Organ components from withing the organ loft

The next stage the moving of the swell speakers from on top of the organ loft was made considerably easier by the installation of lights in the organ loft and a new ladder to obtain access to the swell box.

The speakers were situated at the front of the organ.

This necessitated the removal of the wiring and then the man handling of the speakers over the great pipes and then down the new ladder.

We had 4 speakers to move in all - each one seemly heavier than the last, although we all agreed that the 4th speaker was really heavier.

Then with just enough room they had to be passed down the staircase access to the organ loft.

They speakers are really larger enough for one person to just about carry them down the stairs.

Back in the organ loft the speaker cables were lengthened.

Then finally the swell speakers were put in there new home and wired up again.

The appentice organist then tried out the swell manual to see that it was all working correctly.


The front of the organ pipes without the swell speakers. Now the men doing the organ restoration can access these pipes.

All photographs by Mark Russell.



A view of the organ loft from the Chapel.

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