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Sunday, March 12, 2006 6:58 PM

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The ladders were put in place to allow us to rope the sub woofer up and then lower it down the ladder.

We needed two ladders together to be wide enough to take the sub woofer and the amplifier, down from the organ loft.

Here you can see the new ladder that has been installed to allow access to all the organ pipes.

It was a long way down. First we took the speaker out of the casing and carried that down, then using ropes, three of us, managed to lift the sub-woofer onto the ampifer and then lower it using ropes with Simon below guiding the speaker cabinet.It was just about possible.

Much of the wiring had to be re-routed which took time, desoldering the cables so that they could be passed around obstacles. The choir speaker cables had to be rerouted as well, so that they did not travel through the Walker organ.

The amplifier was too heavy to lift, so we took the decision to take the amplifier to bits and to move each of the components separately. This took a long time, but nothing was damaged. Once the ampifier box was down in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, it had to be rewired and soldered back up. Everything worked first time.

The amplifier now installed in its new home in the corner of the chapel.

As well as removing the Electronic Makin Organ from within the organ loft, what else is happening on the Walker organ restoration? The Console has been opened up and all the workings behind exposed.

Access can been seen to the Swell Box via the door, several feet off the ground on the righthand side of the organ.

Much of the Lead piping has been removed. It has perished through the lack of use over the last few years.

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