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Saturday, November 18, 2006 10:45 PM

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The pipe that was out of tune was a principal 4ft pipe on the swell. It was making a particularly horrible sound on one of the pipes.


Our first problem was to get into the swell box. Opening the shutters would not give enough room to squeeze into the swell box, so we needed to remove one of the shutters.


Each of the shutters is numbered and will only fit in one position. We needed to remove the opening mechanism so that we could then remove one of the shutters to access the walkway inside the swell box.

Once inside we had to identify the pipe making this noise. This was not such an easy affair. What exactly does a principal look like - especially from above - which side of the walkway. Only by putting a finger over the pipe could we easily work out which pipe was making the noise.


We don't ( as yet) have the right tools but a very light tap with a block of wood rather than a finger seemed to be the answer to tuning the pipe.

One of the swell shutters with its top pivot showing.


The view of the pipes from the walkway.All the pipes seem to look the same from up here


Two heads are better than one at locating and then adjusting the pipe. A third person is required to press the note on the manual.

Organ tuning 2


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