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Friday, April 14, 2006

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At present the organ is unsable, since the pneumatics have failed I t is currently being restored. The Choir manual is being modified along with the other manuals so that it will be abl;e to be coupled to some stops. This will increase the capability of the organ.

1910 J.W. Walker installed the new organ in the North Transept Loft above the Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Type: Pipe Rack

Stop type: Drawstop
Stop labels: Ivory
Label font: Sans Serif
Pedalboard: radiating concave
Angled jambs; 3rd manual prepared for;Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Swell Octave
Swell Unison off
Great to Pedal

Key action Stop action Compass low Compass high Notes Enclosed
Pedal TP TP C f1 30
Great TP TP C a3 58
Swell TP TP C a3 58 Y

Department Stop name Pitch
Pedal 1 Open Diapason 16A
2 Bourdon 16
3 Octave 8 A
Great 4 Open Diapason Large 8
5 Open Diapason 8
6 Wald Flute 8
7 Dulciana 8
8 Principal 4
9 Harmonic Flute 4
10 Fifteenth 2
11 Trumpet 8
Swell 12 Bourdon 16
13 Open Diapason 8
14 Stopped Diapason 8
15 Echo Gamba 8
16 Voix Celeste 8 TC, grooved to EG
17 Principal 4
18 Mixture III 15.19.22 Breaks 8ve at middle D
19 Horn 8
20 Oboe 8
21 Clarinet 8 TC
22 Tremulant  

Blowing: electric
Pitch: A=432
3 composition pedals to Swell
3 composition pedals to Great and Pedal
Gt-Pd rocking pedal
balanced swell pedal

Source ref: CD.24.116
A.G. Hoar collection M215
1200 pipes;
organ unaltered except for the blower;
organ unplayable (2000) as pneumatics have failed; is to be restored;
electronic (Makin) in use;