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Welcome to St Marys Church Hemel Hempstead. The Walker organ (below) has recently been restored.. Have a look at the information on the Walker organ opposite or take a look at the whole church website.

Restoration History Index

Visit by the Organ Club

Latest Video of the Organ

The Walker organ loft was given some new lights before the work could begin, and then a new ladder was installed to give easy access to the swell and the great. Once the Makin organ was removed then the real work of disassembling the organ could take place. All the parts of the organ have been removed, cleaned and repaired and put back. New actions for the organ have been recreated. The organ has been re-voiced, tuned and had its first airing in public on 12th March 2006


The Walker organ after several years of neglect has been restored to its former glory. Whilst the organ was out of action a Makin organ was used to good effect in the church.

A view of teh Walker organ from the crossing


The poor state of the console can be seen from this photograph. The choir stop levers were installed but were never connected to anything. You can see how the choir has never been played. With the rebuild that is being carried out, the console is being electrified and the choir will be able to share some of the swell stops.

The Walker Console


The manuals, pedalboard and 1168 pipes have been restored to their former glory. The sound of the organ has improved over the the sounds of the last 10's of years by the installation of a board over the top of the organ to reflect the sound back into the church. The choir is now coupled to the great and swell and a synthesised 32ft pipe has been created. It is a joy to play now, with all the stops and pipes working


Some reeds from the Walker organ before the repairs have taken place. The trumpet facing you in the picture is different from all the rest. It has now been replaced with a pipe in keeping with the rest of the trumpets.

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