The Font, Pulpit, Lectern and Altar KS2


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A Key stage 2 visist to the church looks at different aspects of the church - The font and baptism, the altar and the bread and wine and the pulpit or Lectern and the preaching of the word.


The empasis on these 3 areas is that of hands on experience, in the filling of the font with water.

The significance of the lighted candle and lighting the candles.


The opportunity to come to the font and to see and feel what is going on in a church ceremony.


At the pulpit and the lectern the pupils see what it is like to talk to the congregation and to read from the pulpit or the lectern some prepared work from school.


Each take a turn in talking or listening to given many pupils the ideras of what a church is like.


At the altar then meaning of the bread and wine is explained.


And and opportunity is there for the children to take part in the taking f bread and wine from the altar.


The whole experience is completed by listening to the organ as the pupils come in and out, in this particular case by one of the pupils of the school playing the pipe organ. Usually the organist plays an exciting piece of music so that the pupils can hear and feel the experiece of listening to a traditional pipe organ being played.


The pupils lead out as the organ is played much as in a normal service, to give the idea of what is happening on a normal Sunday in church.


The church is an historic building, with a traditional spire and in the traditional cross shape. With the history of over 800 years to be investigated and researched.



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