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Friday, July 22, 2011 11:15 AM

Welcome to St Mary's Church Hemel Hempstead. On this page are links to the home page and the rest of the site as well as some educational material. We are working to develop material for teachers and pupils for Key stages 1, 2 and 3. Much of our work at present is centered upon work with the local primary schools creating Key Stage 1 and 2 material. There are some other materials that are suitable for key stage 3 that are accessible from these pages.

We are currently developing educational material as part of the Opening the Door Project.

The Font, Pulpit Lectern and Altar KS2

All about Baptisms KS1

Estimating and Measuring KS2

Pattern and Shape KS2

Pupil / Student information

Teacher Information

Take a walk around the church and investigate its architecture.

Walk around the inside

Walk around the outside

Age Group Subject Information

This work is underdevelopment under the open the door project. Rossgate School is the latest school to come and visit us.

A Living History of St Marys

Year 7 Key Stage 3 History How did the medieval church affect people's lives?

What impact did parish churches have on people's lives?

What impact did monks and nuns have on people's everyday life?
Was Everyone in Britian a Chrsitian?

The Walker organ  

Arrange a Visit - at present it is necessary to contact the church


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