The Choir at the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban

The Choir on Tour 2004!

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St Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church

The notice about us singing

The sign that greeted us at St Albans

The Quire

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd August 2004

Saturday Choral Evensong

Sunday Choral Eucharist

Sunday Choral Evensong

In the Song School

A lot of work goes into a choir visit. First a recording of the choir had to be made and sent off to the Abbey for approval, then the music had to be chosen and approved. Simon printed most of the music out in a booklet, which had to be copied and bound before we even got started. Friends of the choir ( and a few past members had to be contacted before we could start). I was surprised how much rehearsal time we needed. We started in earnest on the Friday evening, having had learnt all the music before hand over many weeks. We over ran our rehearsal time and then continued all Saturday morning at St Mary’s, before we all set off with music and robes in hand to the Abbey.


A view from the congregation

We practised more in the Abbey Song School before again practising in the Abbey itself. That was quite interesting with visitors to the Cathedral coming up to you and talking to you and shaking your hand. We had also to learn the art of going into and out of the choir stalls. Last in – first out. Here is the choir rehearsing in the Quire. The Abbey like the choir singing one verse on one side of the choir and then the next verse on the other side. This meant in some respects we needed two choirs

REheasing in the Quire

With the increase in numbers with our guests we easily achieved this. I had to sing on the other side of the choir than I normally do at St Mary's. I found that perhaps the hardest part, and I don't know why. Here is the Cantoris Side rehearsing Brewer in D for the Sunday Evening. Saturday was the hardest day, with so much to practise and remember. Sunday got easier, with more experience and less music to get right. It was the first time that I had sung Choral Eucharist. It was different. On the Saturday evening Jeffery John was brave enough to sing all the responses, but on Sunday evening he handed over the job to Peter, who made an excellent job of the Clucas responses

The choir at St Albans

At the end of the second day we were all tired, but quite pleased with ourselves. We all stood outside for the photgraph. Here is the Full Choir at the Abbey. We didn't quite manage all the faces to be seen. Peter seemed to disappear in the back row as did others. I think that a good time was had be all and we would like to do this again. We would like to thank those who came from the congregation of St Mary's to support us. It was nice to see so many familiar faces.