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Believe it or not, it will cost £1,415 per week to run our church in 2004, £73, 569 for the year, and that's without expenditure on the church buildings! It costs even more now.

With two churches now it is more difficult to give a breakdown of the expenditure at the moment.

A father buys his son some chips. As they sit on the park bench in the warm summer sun the father does what all fathers do, he reaches over and takes a chip to taste it. The little boy slaps his father’s hand and says gruffly, "Don’t touch my chips." The father thinks his son is being selfish. He knows, after all, that it was he who bought the chips and that really they belong to him.


The church isn’t simply or only or chiefly a distant, static, moribund institution. It is chiefly a community – a living, personal, supportive, dynamic community committed to transforming our world and renewing our lives in accordance with the purposes of God.


So next time your heavenly Father reaches for a chip from the bag you have in your hand, don’t begrudge him one. Remember that but for him you’d have no chips at all… Go on then. Offer him the bag!

Sermon on Stewardship.

What can you do?