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'But if we did not have to pay Parish Share we would be fine'

That portion of Parish Share used within the Team Parish supports the Parish Office, the church in Grovehill and team ministry costs. The Diocesan portion of the Parish Share goes towards the cost of running the diocese. Of every £1 paid to the Diocese 77p goes to provide parish clergy stipends; pensions, National Insurance and housing costs. The remainder is spent on Ordinands in training, Diocesan staff and the central cost of the Church of England. The sum required is likely to increase by about 8% next year as we will then be paying fully for clergy pensions.

Current Patterns of giving

At present almost half our pledged income comes from just 10 pledges.

About 96% of pledged income is given under gift aid and so recovers tax.

We have an electoral roll of 145, so half our pledged income comes from 7% of our members - a precarious position!

12 pledges each give up to £1 per week
19 pledges each give between £1 & £4 per week
22 pledges each give between £4 & £10 per week
7 pledges each give between £10 & £20 per week
10 pledges each give over £20 per week

So what are we being asked to do?

Firstly, if you are already a regular giver, thank you very much for your support. However do please take a second thoughtful look at the figures and consider whether you can increase your giving. It is three years since we asked you to do this.

!f you are not yet a regular giver please consider making a regular pledge. !t is only on the basis of a regular income that we can plan for a future.

How much?

We recognise that everybody has different circumstances with differing calls upon income. Many of our members are on pensions which are fixed or linked only to notional inflation. Others may have mortgage or family commitments. Many people wish also to support charities as part of their giving. The Church's General Synod considers we should give 5% of take home pay. As an example if your after tax income is £300 per week then 5% would be £15 per week. Compare this to what we spend on newspapers, holidays, cars, meals out etc!

What we give is a matter between ourselves and God. What he expects of us is that we should each shoulder our responsibility as a member of the family of the Church in this Parish to the very best of our ability.

Steps to Take