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* To provide a formal and regular forum for co-operation between the four parishes forming the benefice of Hemel Hempstead.
* To provide a single entity through which third parties can relate to the benefice.

* To give a formal and regular coming together of the clergy and laity of the four parishes to discuss matters of common concern and where appropriate develop a common policy.
* To provide common action where possible by sharing responsibility or costs.
* To provide a framework of mutual support between parishes.
* To provide, where appropriate, a consultative forum for future stipendiary appointments within the benefice.1

Delegated Powers.
* To recommend, where appropriate to the constituent parochial church councils actions that may best be initiated or organised co-operatively.
* To represent the benefice and recommend common policies to third parties.
* To make these discussions and policies known by the preparation and dissemination of minutes and consultative papers.
* Only the functions specified are delegated by the parochial church councils within the team

Composition of Team Council
* The team rector
* All members of the team other than the team rector
* Every assistant curate, deaconess and lay worker licensed to a parish within the team who are not members of the team 2
* Four lay representatives elected by and from among the lay representatives of the parochial church council of each parish in the benefice - a total of sixteen.

* These would be held at least twice per year.
* The team rector will normally chair the meetings.
* At its first meeting, the team council may elect a standing committee comprising the team rector and one representative (clerical or lay) from each parish, the purpose of which committee will be to plan the meetings of the team council. Members of the standing committee will choose from their number a vice-chairman to chair team council meetings in the absence of the team rector
* Each parochial church council has the right to request an additional meeting or ask for an item to be placed on the agenda of a meeting

1 The appointment of Team Vicars lies with the Team Rector and the Bishop. The appointment of the Team Rector lies with the Lord Chancellor and the Bishop
2 Since the total number of licensed ministers [6] (apart from to the team rector) is greater than one quarter of the total membership of the team council [23], the recommendation of the former parochial church council of Hemel Hempstead is that the number is reduced to 5 (i.e. less than a quarter) by the agreement of the ministers concerned.


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