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History of the Church

If you visit St Mary's then this is not part of the tour, but in this virtual toutr we can go down into the crypt, below the south transept. The crypt would have been built when the church was built. I believe that some repairs may have been carried out during the 1950's or 60's. The crypt is unlit and only contains some coffins.

Until recently it was always assumed that the coffins that are in there would have been the one's where it is noted on the plaque on the South Aisle Wall. We now know that the coffins that can be read on the brass plates on the lids are of the Paston-Cooper Family and date from the 1850's, the small coffin is that of a young child and was painted white. There is also a coffin mostly hidden which is a great deal older and is in a state of collapse and is under the single coffin on the North Side of the crypt. The story about these coffins is that the ones that were in the crypt before them were removed. The coffin shields were found buried in the rectory garden. Questions were even asked in the House of Commons over the removal of the coffins.
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