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History of the Church

The South Porch Floor

The South Porch Floor. As you enter the church you normally wipe your feet on the mat But if you were to take up the mat you would reveal a marble mosaic of the Lamb of God, the Agnus Dei.

The South Porch West Window

The South Porch West Window. Looking to your left in the porch you can see a restored painted window. Since it is one of the lowest windows in the church, it is possible to look at the detail close up.

The South Porch East Window

The South Porch East Window. Like the window on the other side of the porch, this is a painted, rather than a stained-glass, window. In a stained glass window, a single piece of glass is all the same colour. In a painted glass the colour can change. This is seen in the robes that the people are wearing.


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