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A view of the organ from the crossing

The Wald Flute was one of the first English experiments with inverted mouths. This stop was refined by Walker, who placed it on the Great division. Walker's Wald Flutes are considered by many to be the finest stops of their kind.

The console is 4 and a half octaves - shorter than many. The Choir is not coupled to any stops.

The organ is being restored at present.

The Walker console


Stop List

8 Clarinet
8 Oboe
8 Horn
3 RKS Mixture
4 Principal
8 Voix Celeste
8 Echo Cambra
8 Stopped Diapason
8 Open Diapason
16 Bourdon

Swell Octave
Swell to Great
Swell Unison Off
Swell to Pedal

8 Trumpet
2 Fifteenth
4 Harmonic Flute
4 Principal
8 Wald Flute
8 Dulciana
8 Open Diapason
8 Open Diapason Large

8 Octave
16 Open Diapason
16 Bordon

A view of the pipes from the Chapel of the Holy Spirit

The rear of the organ loft shows some of the pipes of this great machine.

A chorister looking down to the crossing from the console

The organist needs all the help they can get and the mirrors up at the console make life slightly easier for the organist to see from this lofty position.

The Crossing The North Transept