St Marys Church, Hemel Hempstead, England

St Mary’s Church, Hemel Hempstead Weddings

Wedding Fees 2014 figures

‘The Statutory Fees are set by the Church, nationally and agreed by Parliament and they could increase for following years. We try and keep the ‘Extras’ costs down to the minimum and any increase here is likely to be 5% or less’

Statutory Fees
Marriage Service £392.00
Register clerk
Publication of Banns £21.00
Mariage Certificate £4.00
Total   £417.00
Certificate of Banns £13.00
Thanksgiving for Marriage £212.00
Extra' Charges
Organist £90.00
Bells £130.00
Bells-Weekday £190.00
Choir £65.00
Choir-Weekday £95.00
Verger £35.00
Flowers £60.00
Video (2) £90.00
Orders of Service (1) £20.00

(1) The Team Office offers this service, designing and printing 50 copies for £20 and pro-rata

(2) Contractural - as the organist is playing to a wider body of peopleome music and hymns may require extra fees for copyright

The Statutory Fees are fixed nationally by the Church and confirmed by Parliament and there may be small increases for 2015 and beyond.

Aug 2017 Still awaiting updates

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